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 Bill N.


"I need to know where to leave my review? My review is pretty simple. I had been to three different doctors trying to get fit for multifocal contact lenses and had given up on them. After one very convenient visit with Dr. McCormack I am now wearing multifocal lenses and love them. Regards, Bill"


Rating 5 stars
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Dec 10, 2014
For those of you who have not tried multifocal contact lenses or those of you who have and were not satisfied, this one's for you. As I aged I got to where my close up vision while wearing contact lenses was less than acceptable. Three different doctors tried different lenses on me with marginal results. One Saturday I dropped by Dr. McCormack's office to set up an appointment. Long story short, about an hour and a half later I walked out wearing multifocal lenses. I am completely happy with these lenses. The first combination of lenses was so, so. She then popped in an adjustment and wow!! It was like being partially blind for years and then all of a sudden being able to see. I knew immediately that the combination she had come up was it. I fully recommend Dr. McCormack!!"

"Dr. Brandy is terrific -- personable, explains things well, and doesn't lecture you when she sees you using your glasses as a hair band. :*)

Seriously: she's great. Check her out @ Costco."

-Mary K.

"Thank you, Dr. Brandy! Coming to you for vision care was absolutely the best! So happy we can be and stay your patients!" - Wini C. 

Google Review 5 stars

"My daughter is afraid of doctor offices. Even for simple eye exams. Dr. McCormack was so patient and kind, my daughter had no problem having a complete eye exam. Dr. McCormack was also honest with us about her need for glasses. Our whole family will be patients of Dr. M!" - Holli C. 

"Dr. McCormack provides the most pleasant doctor's visit EVER! It is not common these days to walk in to a doctor's office and be greeted with a smile and prompt service. Dr. McCormack is so kind, knowledgeable, thorough, easy to talk to, and gives her full attention (which, sadly, is not my experience at all doctor's offices). I have had excellent vision with my contacts and glasses since getting prescriptions from her, and will continue to do so in the future. Wonderful staff and happy, bright atmosphere!"

-Cecilia B.

"My appointment was very good. Dr. explained everything. Office desk girl was very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend." - R.C.

Google Review 5 Stars

"Thank you for a great exam. I was surpised how thorough the comprehensive exam was. I felt like Dr. McCormack did a better job than the specialist I was going to before. She took the time to actually listen to my concerns." - Francine H. 

"BEST eye doctor in Harrisonburg, VA:

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Harrisonburg, VA who doesn't charge outrageous prices, be sure to visit Dr. McCormack. Her office visit and extensive eye exam is only $59.00. I have been to several of the other eye doctors in Harrisonburg and found their prices to be outrageous. In addition to exorbitant prices the majority of the eye exam is done by staff. I had an eye exam with (name omitted) and I spent a total of 5 min. with the eye doctor."

"Love Dr. McCormack!

Dr. McCormack was thorough and very nice. Her office is small and quiet. It was a really good experience!" - Michelle S. 

Thanks so much for the great eye exam! I can see perfectly now!! - Kim B.

"Excellent service and fee. Recommend highly. Will definitely go back. Small office and very nice staff." - Carol C. 

"The entire staff is nice and caring. Dr. McCormack is thorough and answers my question. Clean office and great choice!"

"Very professional service. Very knowledgeable. Polite and courteous. Would definitely recommend. Very affordable." N.D

Google Review 5 Stars

"Took my husband in for a glasses exam. He was told he wasn't a candidate for multi-focal contact lenses by two previous doctors. Dr. Brandy spent thirty minutes with him and had him all taken care of. He loves his vision and freedom from reading glasses. Stop by Costco and go see her! Thank you Dr. McCormack." - Francine H. 

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